Founded back in 2006 by our Melbourne based Creative Director Wayne Vickers. We build engaging, responsive, digital marketing solutions & user experiences. We enjoy a challenge.. tell us yours.


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Services Offered

  • Design & UX

    Getting it right on the web is more important than ever.

    From simple branding exercises, to business critical aplications the principles are the same. Making it 'work' needs to encompass the right strategy, design and technology.

  • Ecommerce

    E (& M) commerce, true multi-channel commerce. We have experience planning, building and running large scale successful online stores.

    We subscribe to the principles of attract-engage-convert and know how important each piece of the puzzle is to the store’s success.

  • Mobile & Tablet

    Fish where the fish are. Or maybe more accurately, where your customers are. We use different devices in different ways. Understanding that fundamental principle is the first step to a successfull campaign that truly reaches your customers.

  • Digital Strategy

    Getting the roadmap right is the most important part of any execution.

    We find the right strategy by understanding two key aspects first and foremost:
    1. Your business goals
    2. Your customers

What can V3 do for you? Pretty much anything digital. We work for agencies and businesses alike, not just from Melbourne but all over Australia. In fact, chances are you've probably seen and used our work. We hope you enjoyed it : )


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